1st and 2nd January 2021

Grand Canyon – Phoenix

1st January

I’ve put both these days into one post as nothing much really happened on these days. We started with one last look at the Grand Canyon from Maricopa Point. Again the views were awesome. Unlike yesterday it was as clear as a bell. After taking the obligatory group selfie we headed back to Phoenix.

The afternoon was spent with the DeWitt’s organizing their gear for a very early flight in the morning and the rest of us relaxing. Dinner was at a local Bar and Grill with a small celebration for Lidsey’s birthday which was the next day.

2nd January

Just like that our party was down by 3 people. Brian, Gina and JP left the resort at 4am for a 6am flight.

The rest of us spent the day relaxing or shopping. In the evening it was Maddy and Lidsey’s turn to organize their gear for an early morning flight.

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