23rd June 2021

Day 15 East Coast Coastin’

Arcadia National Park

Geordie wanted to stay at the camper today so it was just Craig and I doing the exploring. We did a short walk to the top of a small mountain, Flying Mountain. We then wanted to take a connecting trail to another mountain but the trail was closed as it was a peregrine falcon nesting area. Oh well, next time.

We continued our drive and went through Southeast Harbor, a very small fishing village then stopped at Bass Harbor Lighthouse. My first Maine lighthouse. You couldn’t get right up to it but I could see a little of it.

Back in the car and a little further in was a short walk to some tidal pools. It was a lovely FLAT walk. Only about 2 miles.

That was enough for us for the day. We headed back to the camper, picked up Geordie and headed to a little hole in the wall lobster shack. I got a lobster till and it was packed full of lobster. It was delicious. Geordie got lobster bisque again and Craig a lobster salad.

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