Christmas 2021 – Plan B

Thursday 16th December/Friday 17th December

Goodale State Park, South Carolina

The title of this trip is Christmas 2021 – Plan B because Plan A was going to Australia for Christmas. Covid got in our way again so we had to make alternative plans. Sadly Geordie couldn’t come with us as she couldn’t get time off work. It’ll be my first Christmas apart from her. I guess that’s what happens as they grow up.

Thursday 16th December

Craig and I left about mid morning. It was a fairly boring drive to Kershaw. We are planning to stay with Shelby in Craig’s old house for 3 nights. He gets to spend time with Pud his cat. Pud is still there as it would be a bit much having 3 cats in the condo.

Friday 17th December

We started the day by visiting Goodale State Park. There was a short nature trail. The park was mainly a kayaking destination with a large lake and kayaking trails. We then headed into Camden for lunch. Craig spotted an antique store … 3 hours later … we came away with some glassware. Then back to the house for a BBQ with Shelby.

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