21st June 2021

Day 13 East Coast Coastin’

Boothbay – Arcadia National Park

It was a fairly uneventful drive from Boothbay to Arcadia. Our campsite was in a beautiful location and we had a great view.

We got here just after lunch and Craig and I headed to the Visitors Center to get a bit of information. I stamped my National Parks Passport Book and we decided on walking the Ocean Path. A path about 2 miles long that follows the coastline. The parking for the trail was a place called Sandy Beach. Well we got there and the people were everywhere. We managed to snag a park in the car park but there were cars parked on the side of the road for a mile in either direction. This was obviously a popular place and it showed it by the number of people on the trail. The scenery was beautiful though.

The end of the path was at a point. You looked out to the ocean but couldn’t see a thing because of the mist. There was a bell ringing from one of the channel markers. It was quite eerie. Craig decided to do a side trail up a mountain. He got back to the car about the same time as me.

It is decidedly colder here in Maine than what we have experienced so far. I’m glad I bought a hoodie in Philadelphia.

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