14th December 2020


The plan was to get off for an early start. I guess if you call 8.30am early then we succeeded. Our Chevy Equinox turned out to be just big enough for our luggage and us. The participants on this first leg of a 5 week, 6000 mile trip are myself, daughter Geordie, niece Maddy and niece Maddy’s friend Lidsey. Lidsey is from France and struggles at times trying to decipher our Australian English but she’s starting to pick up some of the colourful words and phrases we say.

The drive to Miami was very uneventful, I was left to my own thoughts as most of the way as the 3 passengers had headphones or earbuds in and if I dared to want to ask a question I had to yell to be noticed. But that’s ok, some of my best ideas have come while I’ve been driving.

We are staying at the Solara Resort at Surfside. I managed to score an oceanview 2 bedroom apartment. These are usually as scarce as hens teeth but I’m sure COVID had something to do with my ability to get the room.

We thought it might be nice to take the free trolley to South Beach and get some dinner there. We waited at the trolley stop for about 30 minutes and then decided it would be better to drive in the hope we can find a park. As it turned out it was not that hard. We had a lovely dinner at Maxines and then drove back to the Resort for an early night.

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