19th December 2020

Fort Sumter National Historic Site

Today our party was joined by another member. Craig drove down from Kershaw to meet us. I planned to do the 11am ferry out to Fort Sumter but he did not make it in time so we had lunch with the girls and a wander around the markets before heading back to the ferry. While at the markets we were able to buy a matching stainless steel turtle. we bought a medium sized one 2 years ago and today we bought the small one. They will hang on our wall. For lunch we went to a fairly famous restaurant called Hymans Seafood. I sat at the table where Lindsey Wagner the Bionic Woman sat. I thought that was quite cool.

This was the second time I had been to Fort Sumter and I was able to spend a little more time reading plaques etc. Maddy and Lidsey came with us and Maddy had a lot of questions about what went on and why. I don’t think she has done American History as one of her subjects at college yet. The museum at the Fort was closed because of COVID. I wanted to see the original flag that hung at Fort Sumter just before the first bombardment of the Civil War.

For dinner we went to a pub close by. They had what looked like 1000’s of 1 dollar bills stapled all over the wall. You could write a message on one and staple it up there. I’m not sure it is entirely legal to deface currency like that.

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