June 24th and 25th 2021

Day 16, 17 East Coast Coastin’

Arcadia National Park

On our first day in Arcadia I bought a T-shirt I really liked. Problem is it had “I hiked Cadillac Mountain” printed on it. So today was the day we had to climb Cadillac Mtn. It is the highest peak in Arcadia NP. It started out quite well, moderate ascents and a little bit of flat. By half way when I caught up with Craig and Geordie I thought this was going to be easy. By the way I only caught up with them because they had stopped for a rest.

After that it got hard. The ascents were steeper and they didn’t stop. But I was slow and steady.

Finally I got to the top. There is a road to the top of the mountain so the peak was full of people. Not the sort of peace and quiet you want when you get to the top. It’s lucky there were many places on the way up to stop and admire the view in peace.

Now for the way down. It was knee jarring. It took me longer to get down than to get up. My legs would hardly move by the bottom. I’m glad I had my walking sticks as they gave me a bit of stability coming down the rocky path. I hiked 6 miles in all and it took 6 hours, what a day. Couldn’t do much else after that.

The next day, our last day in Arcadia, it rained all day. We spent the day relaxing in the camper reading and catching up on blog posts.

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