22nd June 2021

Day 14 East Coast Coastin’

Arcadia National Park

Today we thought we’d start off in Bar Harbor. It’s sort of the touristy town near the park. Geordie and I bought some souvenirs. We decided not to have lunch here as there were too many people.

We drove in to the next little town Northeast Harbor. We found a nice little restaurant to enjoy our first taste of Maine lobster. I got a lobster melt with fish chowder, Geordie hit the lobster bisque and Craig the lobster salad.

We thought we needed to do some walking to walk off lunch so we stopped at a hike called The Bubbles. Geordie and I climbed South Bubble. Craig climbed South Bubble, North Bubble and Connors Nubble.

It was a great walk but Geordie and I decided to come down a different way so as we could walk beside a lake. Bad move, the trail down was just large rocks. It took forever for me to get down. I was so careful, I didn’t want to roll an ankle as that would be the end of hiking for the trip for me.

It was worth it once we got to the lake. It was beautiful.

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