24th December 2020

Gatlinburg – Branson

I was a bit worried about the long drive today. Google said it was 10 1/2 hours. That is a huge drive. So I went to bed at 8pm the night before and got the girls up at 5am and we set off about 5.30am. The temperature was quite a bit warmer so I didn’t have to worry about the early morning ice on the roads. At times before sunrise the rain was bucketing down though and we went through patches of fog … not that anyone else in the car would have known. They all had their headphones on and were asleep.

We didn’t stop much and Geordie did a bit of the driving too. We made it to Branson in very good time. At one stage on the trip we were at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. We were in Kentucky and crossed a big bridge over the Ohio river, we then spent about 40 seconds in Illinois before we crossed an even bigger bridge over the Mississippi to end up in Missouri. I thought it was really cool. The others in the car weren’t so excited though.

We are staying at another of our vacation resorts in Branson, The Falls Village. It’s very close to town and convenient. We chose a Japanese hibachi place for dinner. It was the first time Maddy and Lidsey had been to one.

Our room has a huge jacuzzi in the corner of the master bedroom. Maddy made the most of it but found the hot water ran out very quickly. And yes she has her swimmers on.

1 thought on “24th December 2020”

  1. All sounds good!!
    Of course it would be Maddy, can’t imagine Zoe doing that!!!
    Restful day yesterday! Too much to eat of course!! Cricket starts today downstairs and basketball upstairs!! So no prize for guessing where P and R will be!
    Just finished breakfast sitting out the back. My birds nest plants are coming on fine. I have some fancy ones now. Jaime ( secret Santa) gave me some nice ones.
    We all went to church Christmas Eve. The church and hall were full. Very good. Fiona caught up with Chris Todhunter.
    Enjoy your stay. Don’t go on the tourist train!!!
    Bye for now
    All our love to everyone

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