13th June 2021

Day 5 East Coast Coastin’

Merchants Mill – Janes Island State Park MD

We packed up early this morning and headed out as we had booked a hot glass class at The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. It was great, we got to heat the glass shape it and add colour. Unfortunately, our pieces had to remain heated all day, so they are shipping our stars back to Florida for us.

After the class we headed of to the Chesapeake Tunnel-Bridge. I thought the tunnel was 18 miles long, but it turned out the tunnels and bridges were 18 miles.  There were only 2 short tunnels to go through. I guess it makes sense because tunnels would be more expensive to make than bridges.

We arrived at our campsite at Janes Island State Park and were immediately surrounded by horse flies. These flies hurt when they bit. Insect repellant seemed to have no affect on them. The only thing was to have something that you could constantly swing around you to stop them landing. By dusk though they had gone.

Craig had found a mulberry tree right by our campsite. He was in his element. Unfortunately if he ate too many it would send his blood sugar through the roof.

A friend that Geordie plays computer games online with lives in Delaware. He came down for the afternoon/night and spent a couple of hours with us.

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