15th December 2020

Oleta River State Park

You might ask why are you spending the day at a State Park when you are in Miami. Well I’m not really one for lounging on the beach or going shopping so what else is there except a good State Park. Maddy and Lidsey spent time on the beach, I’ll see if I can get one of them to write about it below. Oleta River State Park has a varied range of activities. There is a concession that rents kayaks and paddle boards etc. I thought I may take the girls back there this afternoon for a paddle. These thoughts stopped after hiking for a little while and getting bitten by varied bugs (even after I dosed myself in insect repellant). Kayaking through the mangroves may not be the most enjoyable thing with the mozzies and no see ums feasting on us.

The walking trails border mangrove channels giving a very good example of a typical Florida mangrove swamp. The park has 15 miles of mountain bike trails. Next time it might be good to try a few of the novice ones.


Miami has for sure been good to us. Our day started out with a wake up and bake on the beach, just outside our apartment. We had to wait a little until the light clouds went away, but once we did the sun was beautiful. The temperature was so warm and the water was beautiful and glassy. Not quite Noosa glassy, but darn close enough. It was a little bitey to start off with but once you got used to it, it was like swimming in a natural pool with no waves.

After lunch Maddy, Lidsey and I took a walk at the South Point Pier. The southern end of the Miami Beach area has lots of little retro hotels. It’s nice they are still there and haven’t been replaced by giant resorts or condo buildings.

Our day finished with dinner at a park full of food vans. the only downside was there were too many choices.

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