18th December 2020

Fort Clinch State Park

We got away from St Augustine around 9.30. We had a planned stop off at Fernandina Beach to see a couple of State Parks. The first stop was Fernandina Plaza Historical State Park. There was nothing there except for a cannon and a couple of information plaques. It was the site of Fort San Carlos, a wooden fort built by the Spanish. It served as a Spanish outpost as far back as 1675.

We then moved on to Fort Clinch, a couple of miles up the road. Fort Clinch was built after the war of 1812 to help shore up the coastline from future attacks. It was used as a base for confederate soldiers during the civil war. It is still very much intact and had some cool little nooks to explore. There was a set of circular brick stairs that Maddy said was like climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Charleston was our next stop and we stayed at Lodge Alley Inn right in the middle of the historic downtown. Wandering the back streets and alleys is always a joy with many oddities to catch the eye.

We made it in time to catch the sunset over Charleston Harbour before getting some pizza and settling in for the night.

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