Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

8th August, 2019

The Maggie L. Walker Historic Site is in the Jackson Ward area of Richmond VA. It commemorates the life of Maggie L. Walker who was the first African American female bank president, activist, journalist and civil rights advocate.

Her story is one of not sitting on the sidelines hoping for things to happen but getting in there and making sure they happen.

There is a 20 minute video that introduces the life of Maggie L. Walker in the Visitors Center. After that a Ranger will give a guided tour of the house. 90% of the furnishings and the photos were there when she lived in the house. The family sold it to the Parks Service in 1979 as the cost of upkeep was becoming too expensive and the significance of the house was too great to let it fall into disrepair.


The Ranger leading our guided tour was obviously very passionate about the life and work of Maggie L. Walker. He provided some excellent information and great insight to the lives of the occupants of the house.

It takes about 90 minutes to watch the video and do the tour of the house and there is no entrance fee.

“The young woman who deep down in her heart wants to do something and wants to be something and strives to that end will certainly find something to do.”

-Maggie L. Walker

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