16th December 2020

Blue Spring State Park

The plan was to get away early today but it didn’t quite turn out that way. We were on the road about 9.30, it was lucky we only had a relatively short drive ahead of us (about 5 hours or so). On the way from Miami to St Augustine there were many State Parks to choose from to have a break from driving. I chose one a little off the path, Blue Spring State Park. It was a good choice.

In the winter the manatees swim up the rivers and hang out in the warmer waters of the springs. Blue Spring is renown for the numbers of manatees that are there in the winter. Unfortunately for us today was a little warmer so we could only see 20-30 manatees. There has been up to 400 there in a single day. There is a nice boardwalk all the way up the spring run. In the summer it is filled with swimmers tubing down the run, getting out, walking back up the boardwalk and doing it all again. The run is only short, about 0.3 mile or so unlike some of the other springs you can tube down that can take up to 2-3 hours.

The water was crystal clear and there were many different kinds of very large fish. They were obviously making the most of the warmer water too.


Nous avons aujourd’hui visité le parc ” Blue Spring” “. Première expérience pour moi qui a été très enrichissante. J’ai eu l’occasion de voir le magnifique payage de ce parc et notamment de connaitre son histoire.

(Today we visited Blue Spring Park. First experience for me that was very rewarding. I had the opportunity to see the magnificent paying of this park and in particular to know its history.)

After leaving the springs it was a short drive to St Augustine. We are staying at the Grand Villas at The World of Golf. Our apartment is right across the road from the World Golf Hall of Fame. We don’t have much interest in that though but it is a nice resort.

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