15th June 2021

Day 7 East Coast Coastin’

Janes Island – Clarksboro KOA NJ

Valley Forge National Historic Park

I had a plan to visit 2 National Park Service sites on our way to Philadelphia today to stamp my National Parks Passport. They were The Harriet Tubman Underground Railway National Historic Park and the First State National Historic Site but alas they were both still closed because of covid … darn covid. I’ll have to come here again another time and see them. I think our biggest expense on our trip so far are tolls. Every road we travel on and every bridge we cross seems to have a toll.

We got to our KOA campground just after lunch, so Craig and I decided we’d go and see Valley Forge National Historic Park as we had heaps of time.  It was only about an hours drive from where we were staying.

When we got there … guess what … it was still closed because of covid. The grounds were open though so we could do a driving tour of the valley and see all the historical sites. The commemorative arch was quite amazing.

It was hard to try to imagine all those soldiers and civilians camped in the valley for 6 months. At the time it was the 4th largest “city” in the US. There were about 12,000 soldiers camped there for the winter.

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