17th June 2021

Day 9 East Coast Caoastin’


Today we were going to hit the museums big time, so Geordie decided to stay at the camper.  She wasn’t too interested in reading about The Constitution and The American Revolution.

The Constitution Center was great. There were special galleries for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. I’m not going to get them mixed up anymore. 13th is freeing the slaves; 14th is granting African Americans citizenship and the 15th is giving African American men the vote.

The 19th Amendment also had its own gallery. The 19th is giving the vote to women. An interesting piece of trivia I learnt was that the Amendment needed one more state for it to pass. Tennessee’s legislature was in a deadlock. One of the legislators received a letter from his mother telling him to be a good boy and do the right thing. He changed his vote hence breaking the deadlock and the 19th Amendment was passed.

There was a room full of life size bronze statues of all the signers of The Constitution. You could walk amongst them as if you were there in the room. That was pretty cool.

The Museum of The American Revolution was very interesting, and it helped to give a better timeline for the order in which things happened during the 8 years of fighting. Visiting Valley Forge the day before gave some of the information a bit more life as well.

I was glad Geordie stayed at the camper as she would have been quite bored. Again, the National Park Service disappointed me as they have not as yet opened up The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site or the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Historic Site, so that was another 2 I have missed out on. Oh well … next time.

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