26th december 2020

Branson – Albuquerque

Today was an absolutely huge day. I think we ended up spending 14 hours in the car. We started off just before sunrise. there were 6 of us in the car so it was a bit squishy. It would only be for the first 2 hours or so as we were dropping Zoe off at her college on our way through Joplin.


The six days with Zoe were spent well, but the time felt so short. I swear she was only with us for two days. We had a quick tour of her dorm room and said our goodbyes, I think I hugged her goodbye about six separate times. I balled when we got to the car. Then we had our longest car ride yet. It was a sad day but I was glad when we arrived in New Mexico and could relax for an hour or so before we got to sleep.

The drive through Oklahoma was quite boring. There’s not much to see but for plains and fields. Once we hit Texas I was amazed at all the power producing windmills everywhere. There much have been tens of thousands of them dotted everywhere you looked. The landscape slowly started changing from open plains to a little more hilly in Texas and then to the red sandstone hills and mesas that New Mexico is famous for. We got to Albuquerque and crossed the Rio Grande. It was dark so I couldn’t see if there was any water in there. About 8pm we checked into a Days Inn. After that night we sure appreciate our Bluegreen Resort rooms so much more. It was ok but the AC in the girls room didn’t work so they froze most of the night.

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