9th June 2021

Day 1 East Coast Coastin’

Kershaw SC – Hanging Rock State Park NC

Geordie and I got into the Camden train station about 6am. Craig was there waiting for us. The train was late. We were lucky we were even on the train. Geordie had decided she wanted to spend every last little second with her boyfriend before we left but that made us quite late. The Uber driver did a good job to get us there with less than a minute to spare. We ran to the platform and had to board all the way down the other end of the train. The conductors waited for us thank goodness. As soon as we climbed on the train it left … phew.

We had a couple of hours sleep at the house in Kershaw and then headed off with the caravan behind us. Our first stop was Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina. It is a beautiful park but there is no power, water or sewer at the campsite. So, we are roughing it for a couple of nights.

Our campsite

We spent the afternoon walking to 2 sets of falls, Hidden Falls and Window Falls. It made me realise I haven’t walked for quite a while and I’m going to have to give myself some time to get used to walking again. It was only a 1.6 mile walk but there were quite a few stairs which made it more challenging.

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