10th June 2021

Day 2 East Coast Coastin’

Hanging Rock State Park NC

The rain poured down last night. As I walked to the bath house this morning, past all the tents I was glad our days of tent camping were over.

The Hanging Rock Trail was on the agenda for the day. It was a late start as the rain didn’t stop till about 11am. The trail was 1.3 miles one way, so not too bad … or so I thought. It started off as a paved trail and I thought this was going to be easy. The paving gave way to gravel which still wasn’t too bad. The hills were getting a little steeper.

Geordie waiting for me

Then the stairs started, and they just kept going and going.

I thought I was going to die. I took a lot of breaks on the way. We should have started our trip in a state park that was flat to work up to this. Finally, I reached the top, Geordie and Craig had been there waiting for quite a while. The view was amazing even though there was low hanging cloud. It was well worth the struggle to get up there.

The way down was nearly as bad as the way up. My legs were like jelly by the end.

I was thinking I could tackle another hike in the afternoon but I didn’t want to push it, we have a lot of walk in front of us and if I wear out now the rest of the trip won’t be too much fun.

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