Blue Mountains

December 11, 12 2017

The Three Sisters

I remember driving to the Blue Mountains when I was young. We lived in Sydney so it was a nice day trip. It left me in awe then as it has every time I have managed to make the trip. The last being on a trip to Sydney in December 2017 to visit with family and do some sightseeing with my daughter.

We headed to the Blue Mountains with my cousin Sharon and decided to splurge on a posh hotel room for the night. As in past visits, the Blue Mountains did not fail to impress. We didn’t manage to make it down the Giant Staircase this visit as I didn’t think my knees would take it. The Giant Staircase goes from The Three Sisters to the bottom of the escarpment. I walked down the giant staircase 20 years ago with my cousin’s son in a backpack on my back. I could not walk the next day so I thought it best not to tempt fate this time.

We rode the Scenic Railway and the Skyway, both a must if visiting the Three Sisters area of the Blue Mountains.

Jenolan Caves

As we stayed overnight we were able to squeeze in a trip to Jenolan Caves as well. The caves are spectacular. The formations are showcased in a sensitive way without distracting from the natural beauty.

My cousin and I did 2 of the tours through the caves and my daughter decided to try one of the longer spelunking tours. She had a ball, it is highly recommended. I might have tried it 20 years ago when my girth was a little smaller but was satisfied with the walking tours.

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